Introducing Divi

Free Online List Maker

Gubb is a powerful and free list creator that makes it easier to organize and track the information in your life without any costs or fees – no fees, no hidden costs. 


Gubb allows you to store an endless amount of information in an easy to view format – you can create an unlimited number of lists to organize your work and your life.

Create Lists

Quickly create and edit your lists, share with the click of a button – you can even email the lists you create for greater sharing and organizing utility.


For greater flexibility, print your lists with just a click of a button so you’ll always have a hardcopy available in front of you if you need it.

share lists

Simply share your Gubb list and you have the option to allow your list viewers to edit the list, or you can make it read-only. 

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly views let you boost productivity and usability across a variety of cell platforms, with the ultimate ease of using our lists while on the go!

unique urls

Gubb provides unique URLS for your lists that allow you to easily bookmark, share and organize the lists you create without requiring cumbersome registration or login processes.


Our clean design allows you to create lists efficiently so you’re up and running and ready to share in just minutes.