4 Effective Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that in 2016, 8% of adults in the US had high-impact chronic pain, and 20% of people in the US experienced chronic pain. According to the 2017 Global Burden of Disease Study (Trusted Source), the number of individuals experiencing chronic pain is rising, and pain-related disorders … Read more

How to Lower Your Cholesterol With this Grocery List

low cholesterol grocery list

Why is low cholesterol essential? Cholesterol is natural and necessary in our bodies, but having a high cholesterol level can lead to health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. It is essential to keep your cholesterol levels in a healthy range, and you can do this by changing the food you eat. … Read more

How to Make a Study Guide for Good Grades

how to make a study guide

Studying for an exam can be a challenging ordeal if you’re a college or university student. Suddenly, everything comes down to a single test. Plus, you have too many assignments to submit. But, whatever you do, don’t panic. Instead, take a deep breath and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the exam ahead. If you … Read more

How to Create a Grocery List for Two Weeks

Grocery List for Two Weeks

Best Tips For Writing Your Two-Week Grocery List Most people probably wouldn’t write a grocery list for two weeks or consider meal planning two weeks ahead. However, it is perhaps typical for you to do your grocery shopping and then find that you forgot to buy almond milk or paper towels a couple of days … Read more

6 Meal A Day Planner: Here’s How

6 meal a day planner

Why six? Beginner and intermediate bodybuilders aim to eat six small meals per day to increase muscle mass. There are three reasons why this is preferable to three daily meals. 1 – Helps avoid snacking between meals 2 – Helps you get the right amount of macro-nutrients 3 – Helps reduce food cravings Six meals … Read more