How to Get Imposter Every Time

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a game you can play on your mobile phone. It gained a sudden increase in popularity and now numerous people around the world are playing it. Among Us has become so popular, that creators have decided not to publish a sequel to it, but to focus on improving the current game.

It is a very simple premise and can be played by anyone, even if you are not an experienced gamer. You either complete simple tasks or try to kill everyone! Among Us involves 4-10 players with 1-3 Imposters.

Role of Imposter Among Us

The role of Imposter is the most exciting and scary role in Among Us. Most people seem to enjoy playing as the Imposter more than as a Crewmate.

As an Imposter, your role is to plot the killing of all Crewmates. However, you should avoid getting caught. So you have to avoid raising your fellow players’ suspicions. Players then vote for who they think is the Imposter, so you want to aim to place any suspicions on someone else.

Winning the game

To win, the Imposter needs to kill all the Crewmates or make it to the end of the game without getting caught.

Role of Crewmate in Among Us

Crewmates have to complete a number of tasks that are assigned to them. These will take you across the whole map. Each of these tasks needs to be successfully completed without the Crewmates getting killed. The Imposter may kill Crewmates at any time, so it is vital that they stay alert and try to survive.

Then, the Crewmates should try to figure out who is the Imposter and join together to vote them out. However, the Imposter can also communicate with the Crewmates and vote. This means they are able to lie and try to convince Crewmates of their innocence. Therefore, Crewmates must be smart!

Winning the game

If the Crewmates are able to guess who is the Imposter correctly, then the Crewmates win. 

What increases your chance of becoming an Imposter every time?

There are a couple of ways you can legitimately increase your chances of becoming the Imposter in Among Us. Firstly, choose a game with just a few people in the lobby.

Secondly, choose games with a higher number of Imposters. This number could be up to three Imposters. The smaller games with more Imposters will increase your chance of playing as an Imposter every time.

Tricks that could make you Imposter every game

There are no guarantees that any of these methods work 100% of the time. But various players have discovered certain tricks that they believe increase the chance of being the Imposter in Among Us.


Many players have posted various techniques online. One of which requires a player to host their own Among Us games. According to this online post, you should host a game without inviting people with a room code. This is worth trying out, but it hasn’t been proven.

Other players also suggest that hosting games gives you a higher chance of playing as the Imposter.


Some players suggest that you can cause a glitch in the game prior to the start of a match which makes you the Imposter. This technique is as follows.

Create a game as the host and pick your character’s color. As the timer counts down, repeatedly change the color until the match begins. This is supposedly a way to increase your chances of becoming the Imposter. Again, you can give it a go and find out. But remember, it is not proven to work.


Another suggestion of how to improve your chances involves moving in a specific way around the lobby. You have to circle the crate with the laptop on it six or seven times and then stand behind the box on the furthest right.

This also has not been proven. But it has been reported by a few players to be a good method of increasing your chances of playing as the Imposter. Apparently, it works best in games with two Imposters.

What not to do when playing Among Us?

Some players try to become an Imposter by cheating, hacking or leaving games. Other players frown upon these tricks and really it isn’t keeping in the spirit of the game. Many people around the world play Among Us and it is a fun team game. So wait for your turn as Imposter and let others enjoy the game when it is their turn.

Play Among Us

Among Us is available on most phones’ app stores. It is also going to soon be available on Playstation!

So, go and download it and start playing today!