College Packing List for Guys – The Easy Way

Are you going to college? It’s an exciting journey that you’re about to start. The move-in day for your college is one of the defining moments in your life, so it must go according to plan.

But do you have a plan already? Whether you’re going back after vacations or starting in your freshmen year, preparing for your college dorm room is one of the essential things that must go right at all costs.

So, how do you go about preparing for it? Questions like whether I have to arrange my dorm room beds and more are common concerns for first-timers. When you’re preparing for college, it’s understandable to miss out on some of the most important things, and by the time you realize it, it’s too late.

So, what’s the ultimate college packing list for guys? In this post, find out the essential elements college students can use as a guide while packing for college.

Therefore, we can ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, and are always prepared for the next semester, whether you’re a nerdy student or someone who loves their sport.

So, let’s get started.

The Ultimate College Packing List

When you’re preparing for college, your stuff can be divided into multiple categories depending on your activities at the college.

For instance, you may be a sports enthusiast, which means some essentials for sport, like shoes or training gear, are a must. On the other hand, maybe you are too techy, which means you will have many tech gadgets.

Other than that, whether it’s essentials for studies or the ones needed for your daily dorm life, a comprehensive college packing list covers everything.

So, what should you look for while preparing for college life? Here are some suggestions.


A quality backpack will save you from many troubles during your college days. Whether you’re going to another building on the campus or on a weekend trip with your dorm mates, a backpack can store everything.

While buying a backpack, spend generously and buy something with extra space for your books, laptop, tech gadgets, and even clothes. Nevertheless, Make sure it’s compact and convertible to get more convenience out of it.

Tech Gadgets

Let’s start with the tech gadgets. Whether you’re in the class, wandering about in the college, or in your dorm room, it’s hard to imagine being without a tech gadget anywhere. Some of these are essentials for your studies, while the others may be handy for casual entertainment.


Whether it’s about making assignments, reading e-books, chilling out in your dorm room, or taking online classes, having a laptop or Macbook is a must if you’re going to college.

Having a Macbook gives you another advantage in performance and speed so that you can submit last-minute assignments more conveniently.

Laptop Case

Protect your laptop to the maximum, so it’s best to keep it in a case. Similarly, if you have other gadgets like tablets or external keyboards, arrange for the necessary protection to make them last longer.

Color Printer

With the physical model of education in full swing, we’re back to physical submissions of assignments and term papers. So, if you have a compact color printer, it can make life much easier for you at the college.

You won’t need to queue up at the college library or computer lab for just one print.


Whether it’s leisure activities or catching up on a video lecture, headphones will make sure that you can listen through your phone or laptop anywhere without disturbing anyone nearby.

Power Bank

Every college packing checklist must have a power bank because most of our stuff runs on batteries. So whether it’s charging your phone, Bluetooth devices, or maybe you’re using the USB Wi-Fi device, you can power all of it through the power bank anywhere.

Extra USB Cables

Having backup USB cables is excellent. It’s not easy to run to a local store every time for small things, so why not buy a couple more cables. It will also help your future roommate when they run out of a USB cable.

USB Port Charger

While the power bank is a great portable option, the USB port charger is excellent for charging your stuff inside the dorm room, so it’s one of the essentials. Make sure to buy a compact model because you don’t want to occupy too much space.

Study Items for College Students

You will need to support your studies throughout your college years. These are essential school supplies, but it’s better to keep a checklist so that you don’t forget.

Ball Pens

Buy lots of ball pens because let’s face it – we can never continue with the same pen for too long. It’s either lost or forgotten, or someone borrows it for their emergency assignment. Make sure to buy several colors, i.e., blue, black, green, and red.


Before moving to college, buy all the books you need there. Generally, when you’re a college freshman, you will get a list of textbooks beforehand.

However, if you forget to buy any textbooks, the school bookstore is always there to help you out.

Graphic Calculator

Graphic calculators help with math and science problems. Go for the one that also plots graphs and curves.


Buy extra notebooks beforehand. Generally, when you’re solving problems and dealing with assignments, notebooks come in very handy to refer to lectures and use those additional pages.

Day Planners

Day planners may seem obsolete, but they are significant visual indicators. So, they can help you organize better and assist you in making a habit of daily planning.


Highlighters are great when you’re noting down lectures or reading from the textbooks. Keep multiple colors to support the entire semester.

Sticky Notes

These are great for letting your stay in sync with your roommates. Just place it on the mini-fridge to remind yourself and your roommates of chores.

Hole Punch

Hole punch comes in handy for compiling your term work. So, make sure you don’t have to rely on others for last-minute submissions.

Scotch Tape and Stapler

College or not, the tape is always helpful everywhere. However, because you’re on your own at the college, ensure you have adequate aid supplies for your studies and general stuff.

Likewise, a stapler is great for a bunch of stuff when assembling your notes or making a neat assignment submission.

Dorm Room Essentials

Let’s now talk about a few things for your dorm room. Some of them may not be necessary, but they can make your dorm life much more straightforward if you have them.

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp lets you study late at night without disturbing your roommates. Also, make sure to get an extra bulb.

Power Extension Board

Your desk may be too far from the power socket. So, get yourself an extension board for more convenience.


A small fan will keep you cool if the air conditioning doesn’t work. It also reduces white noise.

Mattress Cover

Get your mattress cover because it’s more hygienic. Also, arrange some pillowcases and sheets for yourself.

Laundry Basket

Dirty clothes go in the laundry basket. So if you have one, there will be less of a mess inside your dorm room. Also, get yourself enough laundry supplies, reducing dependency on others.

Drawer Storage

Get a portable drawer to arrange your stuff and socks. It helps with instant preparation before school time because you know where to find the property.

Bathroom Stuff

Although dorm room services arrange for adequate bathroom facilities, here are a few things to buy for yourself for observing better hygiene during college days.

  • Shower flip flops
  • Washable shower caddy
  • Bathrobe
  • Liquid soap and detergent
  • Facecloth and towels.


When it comes to clothing, it’s pretty much your choice of what you like wearing. Just make sure to keep the weather conditions in check so that you’re not out of clothes during a specific time of the year. Here are a couple of things to focus on.

Careful with T-Shirts

Guys generally go for t-shirts because they are comfortable and easy to manage. But, don’t just stuff your closet with t-shirts. Get a good mix of colors to maintain versatility at college.

Winter Clothing

If you want to save space, bring a winter coat and a couple of sweaters that go with every dress. Get one jacket too for evenings.


There will be a lot of walking at college so buy something comfortable. It’s not about style all the time because if you’re not comfy in shoes, nothing else feels good. Sneakers are the go-to for many, but you can also pack a pair of comfortable boots.

Get Loads of Socks and Underwear

Bring as many pairs of socks and underwear as you want. At times, you won’t do laundry on time, and things will keep piling up. So, you don’t want to run out of these, especially when you’re getting late for a class.

Cleaning Stuff

Dorm rooms are full of people at times, which means more catching germs and bacteria. So, cleaning items are essentials to bring to college. Here is a quick list of what you will need:

  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Surface spray
  • Trash cans
  • Dryer sheets
  • Wipes to clean laptops or computers

Some Other Essentials

Apart from what we just mentioned, some miscellaneous items mainly depend on personal preferences. Here is a list of some more things you can add to your college list:

  • Bicycle and bike lock
  • Gym Bag
  • Umbrella
  • Computer Lock
  • A few utensils like a saucepan, pot, spoons, plates, forks, knives, mugs, and glasses


Making the college move is a big step in anyone’s life. So, it’s only logical to prepare for it firsthand. Most dorms provide basic facilities for comfortable living. Still, if you want a luxurious experience, the college essentials list will help you arrange for the essential things of all.

More importantly, this list can help you save money and extra cost on buying essentials while you’re in college.

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