Morning Routine Checklist – Secrets Revealed

Why is a morning routine important?

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, a morning routine can be vital to having a good day. Starting the day off can increase productivity, improve mood, and reduce stress.

You might be the kind of person who likes to wake up at 4 am and go for a 10-mile run, or you might struggle to get out of bed before 9 am, even with a noisy alarm! Whichever category you fall into, a morning routine checklist could help you have the best day every day.

A routine chart for children and a morning routine checklist for adults can help the whole family get into an excellent morning routine and develop healthy and positive habits, so you can all start your day off well!

Good Habits

Some things are vital for everyone. For example, having a night of good sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, and drinking plenty of water are essential activities that everyone should include in their morning routine.


Having a good night’s sleep is vital for living a healthy lifestyle. Sleep hygiene is well researched and proven to significantly impact your productivity during the day and your stress levels.

It is essential to get into the habit of going to sleep and waking up at the same time each morning. Having a well-established sleep routine is key to creating an excellent start to the day.

It can be helpful to set the alarm to remind you to go to bed at a set time, as well as a warning to wake you in the morning to ensure you get 8 hours of sound sleep per night.


Each person should ideally drink 2 liters of water per day. It is essential to start the morning with a glass of water.

Our bodies need water after many hours of sleeping, so try to get in at least a glass first thing before your coffee! It’ll help you feel fresh and improve your focus, especially if you’re not a morning person!


It can be easy to skip breakfast if you have a busy lifestyle. But it is the most important meal of the day, so don’t miss this off your morning checklist.

After being asleep for hours, you need to replenish your energy levels. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; grab a banana or make some peanut butter on toast! Many people who don’t follow morning routines can’t find the time in their busy lives, so it can be helpful to schedule this.


Encouraging your children to follow a set list of tasks every morning will help them learn good habits.

This will help with the daily routine as they will soon be getting ready for school without you needing to prompt them, which will make your life a lot easier!

You can give them a morning routine chart with just a few simple tasks to check off each morning.

Example morning routine chart for kids:

7 am: wake up

7:15: wash and brush teeth

7:30: Get dressed

7:45: Eat breakfast

8 am: Go to school

You can adapt this to suit your daily routine.

With a morning routine chart like this, kids learn the importance of practicing good hygiene and being organized and on time.

It can be helpful also to plan an evening routine to reinforce positive habits in kids. For example, you can make a similar routine chart for the evening; what time to brush their teeth and get into bed, which is done regularly every evening.

Following a successful evening routine can also prepare kids for their morning routine, as they check off every activity for the day and start afresh in the morning.

Things to try and add to your morning routine


Meditation has many benefits and is a great way to start the day.

Life can be hectic, especially in the mornings. But by taking the time to breathe and cleanse the mind, you are ready to take on the day with a level head and good energy.


Yoga, pilates, or any stretching exercise is a great way to loosen up your body after waking up and get you limbered up for a productive day ahead!


Read a chapter of your book, read some non-fiction, try to learn something new, and read the local news.

Whatever kind of reading you find enjoyable, try to find some time in your busy schedule to enrich your mind.

Just stay off your phone!


Getting out for a walk can help wake you up and feel more focused and relaxed.

Breathing some refreshing morning air can perk you up even more than coffee!

Make a list

Try writing a list of things you need to do each day. Of course, it can continue onto the next day’s list if you don’t complete all of your daily tasks, but it can help you make a schedule for your day and provide a focus.

We often avoid the most challenging task when we write a to-do list. The best thing to get that crossed off the list first, even if you don’t want to! Once it’s done, the rest of the day gets easier!

By ticking off a task as you complete it, you can see how much you have achieved so far, and it will soon become one of your morning habits to write a daily list.

How do I make a morning routine checklist?

Depending on how your day looks, you will want to tailor your checklist to meet your timescale.

Remember to try and start each day simultaneously if you can.

Start by creating a list of your usual morning activities and how long each will take. Then, add to this list any activities that are important to you and that you want to make time for each morning.

Example routine checklist for adults

6 am – Wake up

Tips for good sleep hygiene:

Try and wake up simultaneously each day, so this becomes a good habit. It is recommended to have 8 hours of sleep a night, so to get up at 6, I like to go to bed around 10 pm.

Try and make it a habit to make your bed each morning as part of your morning routine. Again, this is just a good habit to get into and can make getting into bed at the end of the day feel even nicer!

6:15 – Walk the dog

I like to start the day with at least an hour’s walk, no matter the weather. I feel like the fresh air wakes me up and gets my brain ready for the day.

7:15 – Yoga

I find yoga to be an essential part of my morning routine.

My body tends to feel stiff after being in bed, so I find that stretching and deep breathing help alleviate some of this discomfort.

It is an excellent way to find some quiet time for self-reflection, which can help me have the most productive mornings. I find it refreshes my body and mind and is the most enjoyable part of my morning routine.

7:45 – Shower and get dressed

Practicing good hygiene is so essential for a good mood and a productive day.

It can be one of the first things to lapse when your mood drops, so making it a part of your morning routine checklist can help maintain a positive mindset each morning.

8:10 – Drink a glass of water and feed the dog while the kettle boils

Don’t forget that glass of water! It can help set you up for a productive day!

This is the time I feed my dog, but it could be when you make your kids’ breakfast or pack their lunch, do your make-up, or whatever is an essential part of your family’s morning routines.

8:15 – Coffee and toast while reading

I can’t live without my morning cup of coffee, so this is my favorite part of my morning routine!

For me, it is essential to set aside 30 minutes for breakfast so I can read a couple of chapters of my book while I eat as I find this relaxing and engaging, and it helps get me clear my mind, and ready for the things I need to get done that day.

I also find that it helps me stay off of social media! Staying off your phone in the morning is the best way to start your day.

Checking your phone for “one minute” can quickly turn into hours of mindless scrolling, distracting you from important things. Instead, try to wait until you have completed your morning routine checklist before going on your phone or computer.

8:45 – Make a list for the day

This is the essential part of my morning routine, as, without a daily list, I can struggle to remember everything I have to get done! From hanging out the laundry; to going to grab some cheese from the store; to calling my mum, everything goes on this list and is the only way I can keep my life organized!

It is the most useful of my morning habits, particularly as I don’t have a set daily routine to stick to. In addition, successful people with different practices find writing lists valuable for improved productivity.

Different morning routines

This is just my perfect morning routine. Some of this may appeal to you; some might not work for you. So take your list along with some of these ideas, and you can begin to plan your morning routine checklist.

This might change over time and doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around, so no pressure! Try it out and see how it goes.

Tips for Evaluating

Try to follow your morning routine checklist every day. If you begin to find that you are skipping activities most mornings or running out of time for certain things, you can change your routine.

In creating a successful morning routine, you need to stick to it, so don’t set yourself challenging goals initially. If you are not used to following a checklist, it might take some getting used to it. However, you can still add to it once it has become routine.

Successful people have successful morning routines. Try to keep your routine checklist simple. You want it to be sustainable so that every morning is the perfect morning!

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