Your Complete Guide to Music Festival Camping List

Music festivals are great fun and an excellent way to enjoy camping, great music and generally a cool atmosphere with friends. There are many music festivals happening in all parts of the world. Some are quite popular and attract huge crowds, while others are smaller.

To ensure you have a good time, I have complied with a music festival packing list. I’ll tell you from experience that poor preparation will surely ruin your experience. If you go well prepared, I can promise that you’ll have a good time. You’ll spend more time enjoying the music and dancing rather than worrying about what you left behind. Most festivals are held in the open air, where you have to endure the elements. Sun, rain, wind, dirt, heat, crowds are just some of the conditions you face.

One thing you’ll quickly realize when you attend a music festival is the difference between an experienced festival-goer and a rookie. It’s all in the preparation and their camping checklist. However, this list is meant to help everybody, including those who have not attended a festival.

Camping Packing List

Most music festivals are held over a few days. You want to enjoy the whole festival camping experience. I would highly recommend that you don’t sleep in a hotel when you attend a music festival but rather plan to camp at the festival grounds. Festival camping is a fun way to bond with friends and enjoy a drink while dancing and listening to good music. Camping will also help keep you close to the site rather than having to commute. In fact, without camping, music festivals wouldn’t be as much fun as they are. Now, camping requires careful planning.

Camping Gear

To begin with, you need a tent. Of all things, this is one you can’t forget. A good sleeping tent is one in which you can comfortably sleep in and can fit your backpack and other essentials. You’ll need a hammer and a multi-tool to help you pitch the tent.

The camping grounds in most festivals are littered with thousands of tents; you may not be unique. A quick pro-tip here is to pitch your tent near a landmark or have a flag that distinguishes your tent from the rest. This will make it easier for you to locate it even during nighttime.

You’ll also need some source of light. Flashlights with extra batteries are important. Alternatively, you could go with camping lanterns which lights up the entire tent. A sleeping bag is very important as you’ll need a good night’s sleep. Most nights are cold, so pick a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and don’t forget some pillows.

A sleeping mat, cot or an air mattress to place your sleeping bag is absolutely necessary. If you choose an air mattress, don’t forget an air pump. A few people may prefer to rough it out on the ground, but I wouldn’t recommend this.

Still, on this camping section, you may want to include some bug repellants in your festival packing list. This depends on the location of the music festival. Citronella candles do a good job.

Festival Clothing

Now that we have looked at the camping part, let’s look at what you need to pack for wearing. Most festivals are in the summer months, but we make sure you are prepared for any weather. Some summer months are quite cold at night and early in the morning. There may be some light showers.

The bulk of your festival wear should be warm weather clothes. Shorts, dresses, tanks, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. Some warm clothes such as hoodies or sweaters, jackets, and trousers should be on your festival camping list as well as a pair of pajamas to sleep in at night. A poncho is very versatile to include in your music festival packing list. It will help if there are some showers. Gumboots will help you deal with the mud. On footwear, make sure to have some warm weather footwear such as flip flops, sandals, and trainers.

Most festivals are too crowded, and it’s not always possible to have a conventional shower. Pack some swimwear in case you need to have a light shower.

Still, on festival wear, you should have a hat and scarves or a pair of bandanas in your camping checklist. These will help you keep safe from the sun and also warm at night. Sunglasses not only make you look cool but will serve to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Festival Toiletries

Toiletries are an essential part of your music festival packing list. Being in a music festival doesn’t mean you forget about basic hygiene. A few essentials here include deodorant to keep you smelling fresh. Remember you are likely to be very close to other people dancing.

You don’t want to be smelling all sweaty. A Hand sanitizer is a good alternative to hand washing. Dry shampoo will help in case you can’t access the showering cubicles. You need sunscreen and other lotions you normally use. Since you’ll spend most hours out in the sun, sunscreen is vital. Sunburn will be a mood spoiler not to mention the damage it does to your skin. Don’t forget to pack a toothbrush, hairbrush,

A camping towel is absolutely essential item to include in a camping checklist. It should be thin and lightweight to save on space. Microfiber towels are very good since they are lightweight, absorb water effectively and dry quickly. Toilet paper is an absolute essential. You need to include several rolls of toilet paper in your camping checklist

Wet wipes or baby wipes should be in your camping checklist as they will help you keep fresh. If you have ever been to a festival, you’ll know that it is not always easy to shower when you want. Wet wipes can help you freshen up quickly. baby powder will help you take care of your skin

Still, on toiletries, it is important to pack a few first aid essentials such as a small emergency kit, painkillers, any medication you are on. Feminine sanitary essentials may come in handy or someone who may be in dire need. Contraceptives, mostly condoms are a good idea to have with you.

Everything you need to know about Music Festival Food Packing

This is a major point of discussion among festival-goers. Do you prepare your own food or eat at the food kiosks at the festival? There is no right answer to this question. It falls down to preference. For some festival-goers, it’s a good opportunity to sample food from the various vendors. For others, it’s an opportunity to cook to prepare their own meals.

Festival Food

Some organizers are incorporating some great food options to give festival-goers a wholesome experience with music and food. So rather than just having food to sustain the attendees, food is becoming a central part of the music festival. So if the festival you plan to attend has some great food options, I’d suggest you don’t prepare your own meals but rather sample what is prepared. Of course, this can be expensive, and you may need to supplement with your own prepared meals to save on costs. To achieve this, you need to come prepared with all the essentials.

Preparing your own Food

If you are preparing your own meals, you have two options. Meals you can prepare without a stove and meals that need a stove. This too boils down to preference.canned foods, pre-made foods, instant noodles, bread, energy bars, fruits, granola bars, and snacks can be made into complete meals without needing a stove. You need to include these in your festival camping list. You can but some camping meals ready to eat and you’ll be fine.

If you are able to pack a stove or a grill and can prepare a meal, then cooked meals are always a good option. You’ll have to include a stove, fire starters, some form of fuel, a cooking pot, water and the ingredients of what you need to prepare. You’ll also need cutlery, cups, plates, cleaning cloth and soap in the camping checklist. If you can, prepare the ingredients beforehand.

Some festivals provide ice packs which help in keeping food cold. Heavy-duty food containers and one cooler to store your food will come in handy. One advantage of preparing your own food is that you get to enjoy your favorite beverages such as coffee, milk, or tea.

Alcohol is a big part of any festival. However, sometimes it is overpriced. If the organizers have not stated that rights reserved for beer sale to one vendor, plan to carry your own beer. It will be much cheaper, and you’ll drink your favorite beer. Your box coolers will help you keep it cold.

Always include a few water bottles to store drinking and cooking water in your camping checklist. Tinfoil helps in wrapping and preserving food. Since you are likely to generate a load of trash, carry a few trash bags to dispose of your trash responsibly.

Other Essential Camping Festival Items

I couldn’t fit these things in any of the sections, but they are absolutely important. One of them is money. You need to have enough physical cash with you. You’ll need to pay for some basic things like food if you are not cooking and any other necessity.

Paying through cash is almost the most convenient at a music festival. But make sure not to carry too much money as it may get lost. Just carry what you think is enough.

A phone is a basic necessity in a music festival. You will need to find your friends, you may need the internet to go through the festival program, and the phone may help you access money. It’s a good idea to carry your old phone rather than your main phone to a music festival. the phone should have good battery life. It’s very easy to lose your phone, you don’t want to lose your newest most expensive phone. Always have a power bank to charge your phone.

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