Summer Bucket List for Best Friends

Summers are about exploring new things. So whether it’s hiking a new mountain or searching for the best tacos in town, this is the time of year to unleash your adventurous side. 

Who says you have to try out new activities solo? Your vacations can go from relaxing to exhilarating when you’re with your best friend.

You will share great stories and experiences. You will also laugh at the little things together. In short, spending time with your best friend is nothing short of a luxury, so make it count!

Here’s an idea: list down all the fun and exuberant things you want to do with your best friend in an ultimate summer bucket list.

For instance, you can go shopping for cute summer outfits on Instagram, have a spa day with your best friend, swim under the sun, or read your favorite novels at the beach. 

We’ve come up with crazy adventure activities you can include in your best friend bucket list to create epic memories this summer. 

Eat exotic gross things

Are you bored of eating mundane crispy burgers with curly fries? Perhaps you’re curious and would like to try something different!

Here are some exotic, unusual, and maybe even gross delicacies you need to know about:

  • Frog legs
  • Maggot cheese
  • Locust bugs
  • Alligator eggs
  • Bird’s nest soup

From weirdest appetizers and rarest vegetables to authentic desserts, challenge your best friend for an ultimate food faceoff. And who knows, you guys might end up discovering a palatable dish! 

You can also put up a good dish review if you run a blog or a youtube channel. Encourage your followers to get out of their comfort zone and eat exotic gross snacks for a change. 

Sounds fun, no?

Attend a local festival

Are you a culture lover and a foodie? If yes, the best place to be this summer is at a local festival. The fresh air, the mouth-watering dishes, and great music will make for a memorable weekend for you and your bestie!

Summer brings festivals to almost every town. Most people come together to have fun in the warm and breezy air. There’s a reason for that: great traditions that include a wide variety of festivities.

What could be more relaxing than attending a festival and soaking in the lively atmosphere?

Festivals will also help boost your social life because you can meet cool new people from around the area.

Don’t forget a mandatory road trip

Road trips can be boring if you’re alone in the car for hours on end. That’s why this bucket list pairs you up with your best friend! 

You may not know where you want to end up, but let the journey be the guide. How many places can you visit? The more, the merrier! 

What will the perfect ride look like? We can only guess how exciting it would be for you to travel with your best friend. But it MUST include lots of stops for food and fun activities. If you have any coupons, use them to get free sundaes or coffees.

Create a bucket list of all the exciting things you should do at every stop.

Plus, a well-planned road trip could help you spend some quality time together.

However, the best road trips are those where you don’t have too many set plans but still manage to enjoy every moment of it. 

Instead of just sightseeing tourist attractions, learn new things from each other and have meaningful conversations. Then, watch the sunset together and shop together for your next Christmas party!

Such adventures with your bestie can help you two grow together and understand each other’s perspectives on life.  

Book vacation spots

Traveling with your best friend can be one of the most memorable adventures of your life. You get to share everything under one roof; fun, laughter, sadness, joy, and even a little fight sometimes!

So include an epic vacation trip in your summer bucket list you want to take with your best friend. Watch out for any deals and stay together in your favorite hotel! Don’t travel in the tourist season if you have a tight budget.

You can discover the history and cultures of tourist spots and meet new people on your way.

Don’t miss out on anything! Party every weekend, ride all the rollercoasters, spend a day at the beach, and talk your heart out. In addition, don’t forget the relaxing spa day to get pampered!

Life’s too short to stop at one place for too long. And when you have your best friend around, it becomes a tad easier to transition from one place to another. 

Jump off the wharf

Have you ever heard of the heart-thumping experience called wharf jumping? It would help if you tried it because it sure is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

This authentic getaway is a must-visit on your bucket list ideas!

If you’re the daredevil type, jump off the wharf at night. It’s way too much fun and action-packed! 

First, you have to find a secure spot away from any rocks below. Then, hold your ankles behind your back and jump into the water without any second thoughts. Finally, relish those adrenaline-filled first few seconds after you break the surface. 

You can watch your best friend jump first if you’re scared! 

Explore hidden gems

Ditch shopping for a while! Grab your hiking boots and get ready to go hunting for hidden treasures with your BFF.

Exploring hidden gems is next on your best friend bucket list. This adventure will stay with you forever!

There are hidden spots in every major city that offer a quiet, peaceful escape. You can spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Not many people think they could have a fantastic time in a cafe or park. But it could be better than going to the movies if you’re up for something quirky. 

So search around your town for unexplored places hidden away from the local population. Such spots could include an abandoned national park, a concealed waterfall, or crumbling heritage sites. 

Make sure to pack some snacks and flashlights for an incredible experience!

Do surfing or kayaking

You should also include surfing or kayaking on your best friend bucket list! 

Many coastal towns offer courses on multiple water sports throughout the summer. And needless to say, it’s always a motivational plus if you sign up for such fun courses with your best friend. We bet you’ll both be hitting the waves together in no time. 

It’s wise to take up surfing once you’ve become a confident paddler. But, first, research and discuss the requirements of each course with your instructors. 

On a side note, parasailing together with a camera on a selfie stick is another compelling way to capture your exhilarating experiences as you get a bird’s eye view of the world. 

Go camping in your backyard

If you want to rekindle those summer camp memories for a night or two, add ‘go camping’ to your best friend bucket list.

You can set up a big tent with your best friend in your backyard. Next, put on some music, light candles, and roast hot dogs over a campfire. 

You can also watch a horror movie under the stars!

If you want to relive your school days, recall constellations and their names together. Or you can download one of the stargazing apps on your cell phone. 

Volunteer at shelters and old folks home

Volunteering is a great way to get your bestie out of the house, socialize, and make a difference in your community. So you shouldn’t skip it from your best friend bucket list!

Find volunteering opportunities near your city that match your interests and schedule, then go for it together with your pal! But make sure your best friend is on the same page.

It will be a fulfilling experience to know that you made a difference in someone else’s life.

It doesn’t matter if the person is a war veteran or an old folks home resident; a volunteer always leaves their mark in the lives of people who need help.

Not every social work position requires training, though. However, find out the requirements and sign up with your friend or family. This way, you can also be a role model for your kids.

Go for wine tasting

Add wine tasting to your best friend bucket list if you love wine.

Grab your BFF and hit the street to the nearest winery! Search for winemakers and set up an appointment on a call with them. It’s as simple as that. 

It will be one of your exotic adventures. You can explore a complex world of flavors, scents, and textures together with your friend. So be prepared!

Plan a week-long cruise

End your bucket list with a week-long cruise! 

You can never go wrong with a cruise. So make your next cruise to the best ports in the Caribbean or Bahamas. They offer more than just gorgeous beaches that look stunning even at night. 

In every destination, you’ll find offshore coral reefs, underwater shipwrecks, and plenty of watersports options. 

Spend a week near beaches with friends or family and try out different clothes! 

Buckle up!

Final thoughts

Summer is known for its hot weather, delicious food, and great sun-tanning opportunities. But, there is more to it.

You can try out many exciting things with your best buddy and strengthen your bond.

Our ultimate summer bucket list for best friends above can help you make the most out of your vacation!

Be prepared for some adrenaline-pumping fun things, and don’t forget to capture these moments on camera. Also, apply sunscreen to have safe fun!

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