Multiple Choice Test-taking Strategies

Multiple choice test

As exam season quickly approaches, you will encounter many multiple-choice tests soon! Learn some tips, strategies, and insight about acing these tests with ease! Generally, you will find various test strategies on the internet. However, applying these strategies to your exam can be pretty daunting. Every test requires a different technique; however, multiple-choice questions are … Read more

3 Stages of Memory – Detailed Guide

3 stages of memory

What is memory? Memory is the function that enables up to learn and recall information. There are three stages of memory; sensory memory, short term memory, and long term memory. These three stages describe how we receive sensory information and the processes by which we store memories. Brain Processes The memory system is very complex … Read more

Your Key To Success: Corson Technique

Corson technique

Everything is so instant these days. You can ask your friend a question by pinging off a message to receive a reply only seconds later. You watch a film with a familiar actor but can’t place him. Go online, and technology can tell you what you’re thinking instantly. We have become so accustomed to not … Read more