The A to Z of BBQ Shopping List

BBQ Shopping List

What’s the alternative name for the summer season? You guessed it right; it’s none other than barbecue time with your friends and family. All of us look forward to the summer season to enjoy grilled meat, sausages, lots of wine, music, and an outdoor movie screening with our beloved friends. However, the big party requires … Read more

Expectations in a Relationship List

expectations in a relationship list

What are the expectations? Often we have a conscious or subconscious idea of what a perfect relationship looks like. We then tend to put these expectations on a new partner without really getting to know them first. What we really want to do at the beginning of a relationship is consider if our new partner … Read more

List of Outdoor Activities – Ultimate Guide

List of outdoor activities

Undoubtedly, it feels a bit cliché and redundant whenever you hear people rave about outdoor activities. However, you may have heard about how it changes your life for the better. Trust us when we say it’s all true. Whether it’s running, biking, camping, or some sport, exploring the outdoors will impact you positively. With vitamin … Read more

The A – Z Of Optavia Shopping List

Optavia shopping list

What is Optavia? Many diets can be tricky to stick to, but by following one of the Optavia meal plans, you will see real progress on your weight loss journey. Optavia is part of the company Medifast, which offers low carb, low-calorie replacement meals designed to help weight loss. The best-recommended plan, to begin with, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Winter Bucket List

winter bucket list

It’s getting colder; the nights are getting longer. You’re leaving for work and getting home from work in the dark. The kids are about to have their school holidays. It’s getting harder and harder to get out of your lovely warm bed in the mornings. Winter is coming. Winter Fun With Winter comes snow, lights, … Read more

Summer Bucket List for Best Friends

summer bucket list for best friends

Summers are about exploring new things. So whether it’s hiking a new mountain or searching for the best tacos in town, this is the time of year to unleash your adventurous side.  Who says you have to try out new activities solo? Your vacations can go from relaxing to exhilarating when you’re with your best … Read more

The Ultimate Poor College Student Grocery List

Poor College Student Grocery List

College is one of the most exciting times of your life. It is important to enjoy this time as you’ll never have the chance again. With the exception of a few, most college students have a tight budget. It is also their first time living away from their parents. They must make decisions like other … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Music Festival Camping List

music festival camping list

Music festivals are great fun and an excellent way to enjoy camping, great music and generally a cool atmosphere with friends. There are many music festivals happening in all parts of the world. Some are quite popular and attract huge crowds, while others are smaller. To ensure you have a good time, I have complied … Read more